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  • Medical Assistant – you learn skills to support physicians and medical office in patient examination, treatment and monitoring. You learn medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, law and ethics, office procedures, health claim processing, clinical diagnostic,  medical testing, treatment procedures.
  • Phlebotomy Technician – you learn skills to take vital signs, draw blood, skin puncture techniques, specimen collection, safety and sanitation.
  • Pharmacy Technician – you learn skills to process prescriptions, dispense medication, take refill requests, maintain medicine stocks, pharmacy office procedures.  You learn medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, pharmacy laws and regulations, office procedures, drug dose calculations, drug claim processing, sterile compounding.
  • Medical Office Specialist – you learn skills to manage a medical office, make schedule of appointments, computer skills, record keeping, book keeping, excel, databases, PowerPoint presentation, website design, information search and other productivity improvement techniques.
  • Medical Billing and Coding – you learn skills to perform code entry, claims examining, processing, claims reconciliation, advances in coding and insurance claims.
  • Home Health Aide –  you learn skills to provide routine care and support to home-bound disabled, recovering or elderly people, assist in personal hygiene and grooming, special care, emergency response.
  • Patient Care Technician (Nurse Aide) – learn skills required to deal with patients, prepare them for medical procedures, take vital signs, EKG, other skills directly related to caring of patients.
  • Office Administrative Assistant – learn skills for managing the office visits, record keeping, document preparation and communication for any office setting.
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