Cost of Programs

Tuition discounts are being offered NOW. Call office for details.

The cost of each program for resident tuition is as follows:

  • Medical Coding and Billing – $5,900 ($1500 for January 2018 intake)
  • Medical Office Specialist – $6,500 ($1500 for January 2018 intake)
  • Medical Assistant – $6,950  ($2700 for January 2018 intake)
  • Phlebotomy Technician – $3,850 ($1500 for January 2018 intake)
  • Nurse Aide/Patient Care Technician – $7,000 ($2700 for January 2018 intake)
  • Office Administrative Assistant – $7,000 ($2700 for January 2018 intake)

Those who qualify to pay resident tuition rates include:

– Residents of Texas.

– Active duty military personnel, their spouses and dependents.

– Permanent resident aliens who can prove Texas residency.

Loan Financing

The Institute has an agreement with TFC Credit Corporation (TFC) to make education loan available to students who require financing.

Required Fees

The Institute imposes fee policies. Some fees are refundable while some are not. If you should withdraw from classes within the stated guidelines, some of the fee payment, as well as some of the tuition payment, may be returned to you. Since the State of Texas and/or the Institute can change the fees as needed, it’s a good idea to check the announcement board for correct amounts.

Following is a list of fees charged by the Institute:

Add/Drop Fee — $15 for each add and each drop action — non-refundable.

If you change your schedule of classes after you have registered, you will be charged $15 for each class you add and $15 for each class you drop.

Registration Fee – $100 – non-refundable

Administrative Withdrawal Fee– $100 – non-refundable

There are number of reasons for the Institute to drop you from enrollment, such as not attending classes or not paying a bill. You will be charged $15 for that action.

Administrative Reinstate Fee— $50 – non-refundable

Once you have made your payment or you have gone back to class, this fee will be charged to process the paperwork for your re-enrollment.

Application Fee – $25 — non-refundable

Charged to all students who apply for admission.

General Property Deposit Fee – required depending on the equipment borrowed, required at the time of borrowing .

Installment Tuition Loan Processing Fee— $75 — non-refundable

If you make arrangements to pay your tuition in installments, this fee will be added to your total installment loan.

Installment Tuition Loan Late Payment Fee – $20 — nonrefundable

You will be charged $20 if you are late in making your tuition payment.

Returned Check Fee – $50– non-refundable

If you write a bad check to the Institute, you will pay the returned check fee equivalent to the rate charged by our bank. Each student has an obligation to promptly redeem a returned unpaid check. All records will be withheld until the debt is paid. No postdated checks will be accepted by the Institute.

Payment Methods
Once the amount of your tuition and fees are set, there are several payment methods available to you. You can pay by cash, check or money order at a Front Office. Be sure to take note of the payment deadlines listed in each Class Schedule. If you miss that deadline, your registration will be cancelled and you’ll have to start over during open registration. We also offer an installment tuition loan. If you choose this option, you need to complete the process before the first day of classes.

Installment Tuition Loan:
If a loan has been approved, pay your tuition on a monthly basis or whatever arrangement has been made with you.