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Mode of Study

Most of our programs are available in both on-ground class room teaching and distance education mode.

For Distance Education Mode students, the course materials is available in our eCampus portal.

Click here to enter the e-campus site.

eCampus is Institute’s state of the art online course management system. Here you can:

  • Login into your courses to study at your own pace and at home.
  • Take exams, quizzes, submit assignments, interact with teachers and fellow students

and much much more…

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How can an online course be accessed?

As long as one has a computer and an Internet connection (high speed is recommended), courses can be accessed from anywhere.

  1. How can I Register to take an online course?

On our website go to eUniversity link and follow instructions to register for courses you want.

  1. I do not have the background courses to start a program. Can I still register and start a program?

You need to have a High School Diploma or GED certificate.

  1. What are the requirements of Computer/Operating System/Programs?

You will need a fast computer and Internet connection to access course materials from our Institute’s servers. At a minimum a PC with 1 GB RAM, 200 GB hard drive, Windows 7 operating system is recommended.

You will require either DSL, Cable or wireless connection to the Internet. In general, you will need Microsoft Office 2013 products (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access) to do usual class activities. There might be special software requirement depending on your program. These software may be supplied by the Institute or you will be directed to suitable vendors. In any case, check with your course advisor for the actual requirements.